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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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after a violent eviction, occupy oakland protestors are laying plans for another big week. no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> another occupy protests growing more pungent by the way. the dangerous conditions that could threaten one camp's future. and a shark attack off the california coast, why a doctor says a surfer came close to bleeding to death. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the occupy oakland another big demonstration this week four nights after a bloody confrontation. don knapp explains. >> reporter: after they enjoyed some national success or at least some recognition, them to
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turn that into leadership and lead it into general strike to shut the city of oakland down on wednesday. occupy oakland speakers are calling for a general strike this week. an action they hope will shut the city down. and bring attention to their messages on wall street excesses, home mortgages, school loans, health care and police actions. [ people chanting ] last night, a march around the downtown area brought protestors several times face- to-face with police. tensions mounted as the demonstrators moved about the downtown area again and again coming up against police lines. the marchers were protesting the police action tuesday that forced them from their city hall encampment. aggressive police eviction with tear gas cannisters and flash bang explosives left scott olson with a brain injury and left mayor quan apologizing and
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then flip-flopping. it is helping fuel a move to recall quan from the mayor's office. >> whether you love occupy oakland or you think it's a terrible thing, people are just not happy with the way the mayor has handled this issue. >> reporter: encouraged by national attention the oakland movement has decided to be more open with news media even offering the help news reporters with coverage. still no one would comment on e- mails calling for a sit-in tomorrow at noon at the mayor's office. received by cbs5 news. >> we had all kinds of supplies, gloves, first aid kits. cold packs, compresses. all kinds of things. we were actually pretty well stocked for first aid response. >> reporter: although blake works with medics he knows of to plans to -- no plans to occupy the mayor's office tomorrow. but the employees want to take part in the strike they may do
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so if they have the hours coming if apply for them and if supervisors approve. ann? across the bay it's quiet tonight at san francisco's justin herman plaza. they are dealing with occupy sf. today, mayor ed lee made no mention of evictions but said this needs to be boundaries. >> overwhelmed. you know. i think the dialogue on it -- we of course have to draw the lines as to where they could be at and we'll hopefully they'll respect our position as well. we don't anticipate having any problems with the demonstrations. we're hopeful that we can do this in a collaborative fashion and i know everyone is working to that. >> the protestors are pretty settled in their tent city. but there's something disturbing about the sight. julia goodrich on the growing
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odor that could threaten the future of the protests. >> reporter: occupy san francisco is now dealing with dirty dealings of its own. overflowing port-a-potties now unusable. protestors closing them off to the public until they can be cleaned out. the question is, when and will it be soon enough before it becomes a health hasrd? >> yeah, i mean if we have funky toilets it's a good excuse for cops to come in and tell us we need to leave or whatever. that's why i'm making signs to help direct people to other resources available in the community. >> reporter: as tensions rises at occupy locations -- so does the smell generated by the overflow of human waste. >> toilets are full. let's solve the problem and get on with the rest of the jobs that we all have to do on a daily basis. no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> reporter: but whose problem is it to solve? the toilets are provided to the
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protestors by private donations not the city. this, after health officials issued a warning to clean up the camp because of visible human waste. mayor ed lee saying all along protestors will be removed if the camp becomes a public health hazard. and while all the talk here is on what the city is going to do at this encampment some of the vendors may say there is another variable. what do you hope will happen eventually as a vendor? >> well, i suppose we'll all get rained out at some point. >> reporter: some have even used the mess as a political platform. >> mayor candidate jones. >> reporter: politics aside, protestors say they are doing what they can to empty the port- a-potties so they can focus on what they consider to be the real mess -- corporations. in san francisco, juliette
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goodrich. cbs5 news. >> occupy crackdowns underway in other cities. protestors in port lands, oregon with arrested after -- were arrested after moving into an upscale neighborhood and staying past curfew. in nashville police backed down after protestors defied a curfew for -- defied a curfew for a third straight night. a judge ordered them released and told the city it had no legal grounds for the arrests. the surfer is recovering at a south bay hospital after a shark attack off monterey. he's undergone surgery to stitch up severe bites. we talked to his doctor who says the surfer averted tragedy of the smallers of margins. >> reporter: his doctor says erictarian tee know is the luckiest unluckiest guy in the world. he was attacked by a shark off the coast of monterey the jaws of a great white biting into his neck. >> right here along the neck
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right along what we call the miss tide muscle. >> reporter: but tarantino cheated death. >> missed by about two millimeters. >> reporter: the chunk missing from tarantino's red surf board was more proof of the shark's power. he bled from his neck and arms. >> he actually said it felt like a car or truck pulling him along. it had his arm in its mouth and it was pulling him under the water. >> reporter: now tarantino escaped. they swam to shore. >> a waver came and i got up on top of the wave. he just started yelling shark, shark, shark. >> reporter: it's the second attack in four years at the same spot but the beach won't close. orange warnings posted. the gashes on his neck and arm are closed and doctors can't emphasize how lucky he is. >> full use of his arm and no
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residual with regards to his neck. >> reporter: eric tarantino may have been this close to death but doctor say he'll be released tomorrow and will he surf again? well. if he wants to. in san jose, linda yee, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, air travel is back on track tonight at sfo. the east coast snowstorm cancel self-flights yesterday -- canceled several flights yesterday and a handful this morning. three to the new york city city area and two inbound from boston. san jose will get some help in keeping its parks pristine. pg and e is providing a $5,500 grant to keep the doggy bag dispensers filled for pet owners. the community park development program sponsors similar opportunities to get the public involved in keeping the parks clean and beautiful. and csu has joined in expanding its online course offering to undergraduates.
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right now they offer just 19 online degrees to undergrads. the 23 cal state campuses will kick in $50,000 teach get more programming up and downings -- programs up and running. well, a gun battle in a tourist town. what prompted shoppers to run for their lives at a mall in a mexican resort. this airport is just leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> an air travelers stranded by a storm again. the conditions hundreds of jet blue passengers endured as they sat for more than eight hours. our lovely fall weather pattern is giving way to gusty winds, cool temperatures and a chance of showers for the bay area. we'll take a look at that and the rest of your forecast details coming up in just a few minutes. ,,
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this is a mall in cabo san s yesterday... h not with the tourist bureau wants the world to show. this is in cabo san lucas yesterday. hundreds of shoppers were caught in the middle of a police gun battle with two suspected members of a drug cartel. multiple shots were fired during a two hour siege but fortunate no one was hurt and
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police got the suspects. 11 deaths are now blamed on the powerful october snowstorm that slammed the east coast this weekend. three million people are still without power tonight from maryland to maine. and four states have declared states of emergency. the storm has been a nightmare for travelers, travelers on a jet blue plane were stranded on board on the tarmac for several hours. >> a trip returning from -- passengers on jet blue plane were on their way to newark but the winter storm forced is detour to connecticut. they were stuck on the tarmac for more than eight eight hours. >> the airport is just leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> rosanne called while she was inside the plane. she says everyone was about to lose it especially when they were barred from the bathroom. >> they're filled. they're totally filled. nobody can go in them anymore. you have to hold it. >> dan's parents were also on the plane. >> the power is going in and
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out. bathrooms are locked. people are quite upset. someone else called the state police. >> this long line is filled with passengers from another carrier. they had just come back from a cruise in barcelona and heading to newark too. >> we sat on the tarmac for four and a half hours and got club customs and just got here a few minutes ago. >> sleeping here because all the nearby hotels are booked. this couple wasn't diverted but the car company said it was too dangerous and took back their car. they were one of the lucky ones to get the room but there's no electricity the. >> it's all dark, it's all black. >> you can't get any food. >> can't get any food. i had a cell phone light. >> if i'd rather be here in warm and safe than in a ditch somewhere. >> and amtrak train also stranded by that storm. the lake shore limited from chicago to boston got stuck last night. by a rock slide in central
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massachusetts. nearly 50 passengers spent the night on board but they did have electricity, heat and plenty of free food. buses took them to boston this morning. well, a national park off- limits to some visitors? it could happen at yosemite. they're struggling to provide public access and protect the environment. millions of people visit each year and tourists far outnumber parking spaces. the public is being asked to submit solutions. a final decision is expected in june but officials warn the final plan could limit the number of daily visitors. good time to visit yosemite but with our weather you want to just stay put. jim bernard is here. >> upper 70s to low 80s for the daytime highs. we will look for a dramatic cooldown here through the week. clear and cool for most locations out there tonight. we'll see increasing cloud cover by tomorrow morning. as the fog moves a little bit inland. it's not going to make it all
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the way across the bay but it will be on the peninsula and through the golden gate resulting in cooler temperatures. gusty winds to develop by tuesday as we dry out again into wednesday and by thursday the chance of showers moves into the bay area with lowering snow levels down to about 3,000 feet in the local mountains. today again we were quite balmy. upper 70s to low 80s for the fringe locations, bat a the bay -- back at the bay. mid- to upper 80s. however, as you can see here the fog is inching closer to the coast. and will make its presence known by tomorrow as we'll see that cooldown as the offshore pattern weakens the cooler air mass settles and through the week these disturbances out of the gulf of alaska lacrosse to the north and east with just a glancing employee for the bay area. -- blow for the bay area. a slight chance of some light showers across the rest of the bay area. the pattern is changing through
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the week and into next weekend, the cooldown starts tomorrow. mid 70s for the warmer locations at the bay. upper 60s to low 70s and back at the beach near normal mid- to low 60s once again and as we get a look at the midweek weather here, we will be looking for fire weather watchout for the hills through the gusty offshore winds out of the northeast 20 do 40 miles an hour. plus low humidity and however the temperatures are going to remain on the cool side as we see here with that chance of showers. showing up late wednesday into thursday. and then again the late in the weekend we may see a glancing blow from another system with some light shower activity but as mentioned we will look for snow down to about 3,000 feet and up in the high country, the sierra will be catching some snow as well. for trick-or-treaters doing well tomorrow night with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. thank you much.
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well, a first for a high school homecoming as some california teenagers made history this weekend. not that there's anything wrong with tweeting but your priority at thal tar? >> our manners in a modern society. the update from the etiquette from the family who literally wrote the book. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at a high school homecoming ego, it's the first in california. >> now this year's homecoming queen is? at a high school homecoming dance last night in san diego,
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hailey adams was the homecoming queen. what made it historic was the selection of king the day before. it was hailey's girlfriend rebecca. the girls have been a couple for two years and are overwhelmed by the support from family, friends and students and staff. this is the first time a lesbian couple received such an honor in california. in today's world the rules on digital dos and don'ts have been blurred but no more. karin caifa said the family just updated book for the digital age. >> reporter: emily post's etiquette first set standards for american manners almost 90 years ago. now in its 18th edition, great- great-granddaughters anna and lizzy post are among those making sure the family business keeps pace. >> so emily used to have an entire chapter in 1922 rabbit chaperones. i think well maybe some parents wish we had that but on a whole we have to deep moving and -- keep moving and adapting. >> reporter: so her new book covers dos and don'ts of
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facebook, e-mail, tweeting and texting like the digital breakup for example. a big don't. >> no, you can't. sorry. no. in person phone if you have to. but facebook you know. changing the status is the way of letting them know? >> no, doesn't work that way. >> not the way do go. >> reporter: eager brides and grooms updating the facebook status at the altar or guests that tweet as soon as they hear i do. that's taboo too. >> is that really your priority at the altar? i think not. so that's a definite no. as for guests who are you tweeting? people who weren't invited? >> reporter: it's perfectly okay to unfriend or follow if pictures or tweets make you uncomfortable but if it's someone you're close to offline follow up face-to-face because common courtesy stays the same. >> there is not some electronic brick wall between you and the other person. it's a real person over at the other end. so think about them. >> reporter: i'm karin caifa. >> getting your ghoul on comes
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at a price. the latest evidence that at least one holiday is recession- proof. and tracking your trick-or- treaters, yes, there's an app for that too. providing some parental peace of minds. and i'm dennis audial. on the halloween edition of game day. the best start since the days of steve young and jerry rice. are the players comprehending the incredible turnaround? we'll take you inside the locker room. an off day for the raiders but not for hugh jackson. i'll go one-on-one with the head coach of the oakland raiders. the stanford football player who tried out for "american idol." hear him carry his tune tonight. only on "game day" right after this newscast. ,,,,,,,,,,
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afraid to spend. when it comes to tomorrow's scary holiday people don't seem afraid to spend. the national retail foundation says shoppers will spend more than $2 billion on costumes alone. spending is also up for decorations and candy. analysts say it's a sign people are looking to relieve a little anxiety. >> people like the idea of going out to celebrate a no strings attached holiday in an economy like this one. a lot of low confidence and
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uncertainty. >> another source of revenue? pet owners. they dress up the dogs and cats and keeping track of the trick- or-treaters is easier with a free app. parents can download the life 360 family locater on the smart phone for themselves and their child. they can set alerts and there's also a panic button for the kids. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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